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D. Eric Tuggle, D.D.S.

5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews

Patient Review by Becca G

If I lived anywhere in this world I would travel to Alb NM to see Dr Tuggle for dental work. He is the kindest, gentle st dentist I have ever been to in my life. I am 65 and I have been to a few. He is the very best ever anywhere.

- Becca G

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Patient Review by Maria A

Such an awesome experience! I was super scared of going in to take out my wisdom teeth! But they helped ease it down very friendly and went straight to the point answered any questions I had! I was in and out within and hour!! No pain after no swelling!! Over all best dental experience I’ve ever had!! THANK YOU Dr, Tuggle and staff! 🤍

- Maria A

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Patient Review by Chan U

Had a great visit with Sandia Oral Surgery on April 30, 2018 at 2 pm for my initial consultation. Everything went well, I was well briefed by the oral surgeon and his staff with prescriptions and preparations prior to my oral surgery. He was able to schedule me in the very next morning May 1, 2018 at 10:30 am. Great service, great Oral surgeon and staff, highly recommended.

- Chan U

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Patient Review by M A

Highly recommend Sandia Oral Surgery. Everyone from the front desk to the doctor and inbetween were wonderful. Very courteous and helpful. Answered all questions and explained everything.

- M A

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Patient Review by Claire H

I suffer from severe dental anxiety and I was put at ease the moment I stepped in to the office. The front desk staff were attentive and caring and very supportive. Dr. Tuggle was phenomenal! His ability to make the whole procedure calming was amazing. He made me feel totally at ease which wasn't an easy feat since I was so anxious. The nurse who did my IV was also amazing. She was so sweet and kind to me. The procedure itself was painless and fast and there was no fear and my anxiety was gone when I heard the Drs voice. He was absolutely amazing. I will return to this office for any dental procedure that comes up. I recommend Dr. Tuggle and his staff to anyone who suffers from anxiety like I did. I was so impressed with the whole experience.

- Claire H

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Patient Review by Jacob G

I had a wonderful experience, everything went well.

- Jacob G

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Patient Review by Ryan G

It was a good experience from what I can remember when I was awake. Care package was well equipped and post op medications.

- Ryan G

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Patient Review by Brooke S

Staff was great, very helpful getting my appointment scheduled quickly, as I was in pain. From the time I arrived at the office until I was helped into my car (since I was pretty out of it) was about an hour n a half. Overall great experience, for having to have wisdom teeth pulled >.< the staff and Dr are all amazing!!

- Brooke S

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Patient Review by Kyle S

I would recommend this office to anyone that needs oral surgery, very fast and nice, and helpful

- Kyle S

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Patient Review by Natalie G

Sandia Oral Surgery offers a super plush and comfortable waiting area, as well as quick service and ease of treatment. Dr. Tuggle and his team honored my particular requests for anesthesia, and were diligent in answering any questions I had before and after my wisdom tooth extraction. I felt assured I would be seen immediately if any post-surgical complications occurred. All in all, the entire procedure was comforting and expeditious. I'll certainly be recommending this office to friends in the future!

- Natalie G

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Patient Review by Marcia L

Had my bottom wisdom teeth pulled out in 30 minutes over 24 hours ago. I have not had to take any pain meds at all.

- Marcia L

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