Mole Removal in Albuquerque, NM

What is mole removal?

Moles are skin growths that range in color and size, and when they are located on your face, they are often unwanted. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, we can easily and painlessly remove moles. We use surgical means to remove moles, and we determine the method of removal according to the age of the patient and the location of the mole.

Not all bumps and spots are moles, so we encourage you to come in for an evaluation if you’ve got concerns. We understand the face is a sensitive area that is often changing in color and texture. Removing unwanted moles that are unattractive or distracting is an excellent way to boost your confidence and help you feel good about your appearance.

Am I a candidate for mole removal?

If you’ve got a mole that bothers you for cosmetic reasons or because it is raised and catches on clothing, you may be an excellent candidate for mole removal. Please let us know if you’ve noticed that your mole has changed in size, shape, or color so we can eliminate potential cancer.

What happens during a mole removal?

We begin by measuring and collecting images of the mole in question during a skin exam. Next, we sterilize the mole and surrounding skin before numbing the area. The method we use to remove the mole depends on the mole itself and the reasons it’s being removed.

Surgical Incisions

We use a scalpel to remove moles that are bumpy, dark, or potentially cancerous, and then we sew the skin back together. Dr. Tuggle uses a feathering technique as he sutures the wound and again a few months later to minimize scarring.

Shave Excision

If you have a raised, light/flesh-colored mole, we usually shave it off with a razor or scalpel and cover it with a bandage. No stitches are needed for shave removals.

Punch Excision

When it comes to removing flat moles, we typically use a cylindrical device resembling a cookie cutter that removes a round plug of tissue containing the mole. If the mold is larger than 2mm, we suture the wound closed. Otherwise, we simply cover it with a bandage.

Mohs Surgery

When a mole is cancerous, we perform a Mohs surgery in our office. The procedure begins with a biopsy and immediate diagnosis. We continue to remove skin until the margins are clear and no skin cancer remains.

Does a mole removal hurt?

A small burn from the injection to numb the area is the only discomfort you should feel during your mole removal procedure.

How long does a mole removal take?

The length of the procedure depends on the size of the mole and the technique we are using to remove it. Typically, a mole removal takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Mohs surgeries can take longer, depending on our findings.

Mole Removal Recovery

Mole removal recovery requires no downtime. We cover the incision with a bandage, so you are free to return to your daily activities immediately. Be sure to take extra care not to bump or irritate the area as it heals, avoid showering the first 48 hours, keep exercise to a minimum, and protect the incision from the sun by keeping it covered.

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