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Have you noticed your facial skin beginning to sag? Has it begun to fold around your neck, chin, and jawline? When your smooth, round, young face begins to lose its facial contours due to age and/or sun exposure, a facelift is a simple procedure that will not only restore your youthful appearance but enhance your facial contours and profile as well.

What is facelift surgery?

We use facelifts, also known as rhytidectomies, to remove sagging skin, minimize wrinkles, and tighten facial and neck muscles with the goal of restoring a younger, more vigorous look. A consultation with Dr. Tuggle to discuss your concerns and needs would allow us to design a unique and customized treatment plan.

What to Expect During Facelift Surgery

We perform facelifts in our office under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation as outpatient surgeries. We provide pre-medication to ensure you’re relaxed, and we don’t generally administer anesthesia but are happy to upon request.

A facelift surgery lasts 2-3 hours, depending on what other cosmetic procedures are being done in conjunction with it. Many of our patients choose to have a neck lift, eyelid surgery, forehead lift, and/or chin augmentation at the same time as their facelift for a full rejuvenation of their face.

Dr. Tuggle begins the procedure by making an incision inside the hairline at the temple. He continues around the earlobe and behind the ear, removing excess skin and tightening sagging muscles. If necessary, he removes fatty deposits from beneath the chin and neck as well before closing the incision with small sutures.

Am I a good candidate for facelift surgery?

Facelifts are ideal for those with moderate to severe facial sagging and wrinkles around the cheeks and jawline.

Facelift Surgery Aftercare

Don’t be alarmed if your skin around the ear and chin are numb for a few weeks after surgery. This is normal. In fact, discoloration and even loss of function or sensation that lasts a few months is also common. The good news is these side effects are temporary.

Since the healing process is gradual, it’s most likely you won’t see final results for up to 6 months. One facelift surgery is usually plenty to achieve your desired outcome.

Neck Lifts

It is very common for both men and women to experience a softening in the muscles, soft tissue, and skin around their face and neck as they age. Our necks naturally begin to sag as supportive tissues deteriorate. At Sandia Oral Surgery, we offer a tangible solution. We specialize in performing neck lifts in which we rejuvenate your skin, causing it to tightly envelop your neck and form a defined jawline and a sharp angle at the center of your throat.

What is a neck lift?

Direct and comprehensive, the neck lift is a procedure that eliminates saggy skin along your lower face, neck, and jawline with under-skin, invisible sutures. 

Dr. Tuggle places suture suspensions under the jawline, and our midline sutures correct neckbands. We use an advanced technique that secures the muscles in their proper locations, dramatically improving the jawline and neck angle.

Am I a candidate for a neck lift?

If you have acquired a lax neck in which the skin no longer holds tightly, you may be an excellent candidate. We have found that those looking for facelifts are also the best candidates for neck lifts, and so offer neck lifts either as an individual procedure or along with a facelift. But while age affects the entire face, it is the neck that often shows it first. And when that happens, only a neck lift is needed.

You may be a candidate for a neck lift if you have:

  • Loose and sagging neck skin
  • Turkey neck banding
  • A double or triple chin
  • Loss of jaw definition
  • Loss of sharp neck angle

How long does a neck lift last?

Neck lifts can last up to 15 years. The fuller the neck lift, the longer it will last, so mini neck lifts tend to last for 2-5 years. For the best guarantee of a long-lasting neck lift, be sure to have the procedure done by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Tuggle. His necks lifts are known for their longevity, as he makes sure to tighten the skin and remove all unwanted fatty deposits and the plication of the platysmal muscle.

Neck Rejuvenation Options

A variety of factors, such as age, anatomy, and cosmetic goals, can affect the approach and methods we use to contour your neck. During the consultation, Dr. Tuggle presents the treatments options which include liposuction and BOTOX.

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